1868 May 29 Letter to Amulet B. Reed


1868 May 29 Letter to Amulet B. Reed


Information is sought about where to commence work on the railroad and what tools are en route for the job. Additional tools should be ordered to put a large number of men to work.




Brigham Young


Samuel B. Reed


1868 May 29


Great Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City, U. T.
May 29, 1868

Hon. Samuel B. Reed
On the U. P. R. R.

Dear Sir:

My son Joseph A. and Mr. F. Little, the bearers of this note, are paying you a visit, with a view to gaining information for expediting my operations in fulfilling my contract with you.

A large number of men are now ready and waiting to begin work on the road, and I would be pleased to have you inform me how much of the road is located and where, also how soon the remainder will be located and, in general, what tools and material are en route for that job and how soon they may be expected to arrive on the ground. As you are familiar with the location and work, I would also be much obliged if you will, at your earliest convenience, order such additional tools, especially carts, wheelbarrows, scrapers, and striking hammers, as your judgement may deem necessary for putting a large force of hands at work at once, for I am anxious to complete the work in time, and the days are passing.

Any information and advice your experience and courtesy may deem proper to extend to my son and Mr Little will be gratefully received by them, and will confer an additional favor upon,

Truly Your Friend,

Brigham Young