1868 June 3 Letter to David McKenzie


1868 June 3 Letter to David McKenzie


McKenzie may rent Brigham's lots. If he would like to buy the lots he needs to pay for them within a year.




Brigham Young


David McKenzie


1868 June 3


Great Salt Lake City


Business Matters


Salt Lake City,
June 3. 1868.

David McKenzie Esq

Dear Sir:-

Your may occupy my lots 1.78 and North half lot 3 Block 7 containing 4 3/8 Acres S L City for one year from this date at a rent of Eleven dollars and Ten Cents ($11.10) Cash pr month, payable at the experation of each month, but on failure to pay said rent you forfeit your right to occupy the same; and if you will pay me Five Hundred & fifty five dollars Cash on or before June 3 1869 I will sell and deed the same to you. If you wish to make partial payments on acct of said lots I will allow you interest @ 2% pr mo. on such payments. If you fail to pay the entire sum on or before June 3/69 I do not engage to sell to you, but will return you the money paid on the place

Brigham Young Sen.