1868 May 30 Letter to Charles Garlick


1868 May 30 Letter to Charles Garlick


Garlick is encouraged to have his machines in Utah for the current season so they can be tested and purchased sooner. Brigham cannot advise manufacturing his machines in Utah as local mechanics already have similar plans.




Brigham Young


Charles Garlick


1868 May 30


Great Salt Lake City
Dubuque, Iowa

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Business Matters

Salt Lake City, U. T.
May 30, 1868.

Mr Charles Garlick,
P. O. Box 1811,
Dubuque, Iowa.

Dear Sir:

The Poster, two circulars and your letters of the 15th inst., came safely to hand, for which please accept my thanks, as I am much interested in all labor-saving improvements.

I agree with you in the many advantages arising from specific over combined machines, especially in reapers and mowers; and, as far as I can determine from the drawings and test, I think your machines should work very satisfactorily. Could you have one or more of each here in time for this season's haying and harvesting, it would expedite determining its merits, if not, I think well of your idea of having some here in time for next year's work. Our farmers are already pretty well supplied with reapers, mowers and thrashers.

As the encouragement for starting a manufactory for agricultural impliments here. I cannot at present advise you, for some of our skilled mechanics are now taking steps to supply home demand in various departments, and hope to extend their operations to exporting many articles to help our balance of trade.

Trusting that I may have all the pleasure of seeing your machines operating in our fields at an early date

I remain, Respectfully,

Brigham Young