1868 June 10 Letter to Jane Ire


1868 June 10 Letter to Jane Ire


The Saints strive to obey the same gospel the Savior taught. Utah woman are free to marry however they choose. Journeying to Utah is much easier due to the railroad.




Brigham Young


Jane Ire


1868 June 10


Great Salt Lake City
Barrington, Yates County, Pennsylvania

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Church Doctrine


Salt Lake City
June 10, 1868.

Miss Jane Ire,
Barrington, Yates County,

Care of John Johnson, Esq.

In reply to your notes of May 22, I have to inform you that any one of our faithful Elders or members, with whom you may meet, will give you "reliable" information concerning our religious faith and doctrines and our views as to the wisest and best course of conduct in the affairs of this life.

We believe and are striving to obey the same gospel that our Savior taught while upon this earth, obedience to which is blest with the same gifts and blessings enjoyed by the Saints in former days, our God -- the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob -- being unchangable, as also is His plan of salvation and the priesthood or authority for administering in its ordinances.

Women are as free here as anywhere to marry agreeably with their own views and choice, obedience to every requirement of Heaven being voluntary in accordance with the agency granted to the human family.

Journeying to Utah is each day becoming easier as the railroad progresses, from the terminus of which stages run daily; there are also frequent opportunities for continuing one's journey from that point with small companies, should stage traveling be deemed too fatiguing.

Trusting that my reply may prove satisfactory.

I remain, Respectfully,

Brigham Young