1868 June 18 Letter to Peter Maughan


1868 June 18 Letter to Peter Maughan


All of Brigham's personal transactions should be sent directly to him and kept separate from tithing accounts.




T. W. Ellerbeck


Peter Maughan


1868 June 18


Great Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City,
June 18. 1868.

Bp. Peter Maughan,

Dear bro:-

I acknowledge receipt of the following wheat, corresponding, and agreeing with your 'Account of wheat received and delivered belonging to B. Young' personally dated 10th inst, viz:-

1868 Apl  256 16/60 bus wheat for G. Webb.     512.53
June 3      574 10/60  "         "      "  O. Arnold    1148.33
         9      169 34/60  "         "      "  E. F. Greene 339.14

      Total 1000 bushels.                          Total $ 2000.00

T. W Ellerbeck
Clk for B Young Sen.

I wish to call your attention to our G. T. Order #1292 $441.80 mailed to you on 11th inst from this office, for the 220 54/60 bus. wheat which as shown below was delivered 3rd inst to O. Arnold, teamster for B Young Sen. personally, and is included in the above 574 10/100 bushels. Please therefore, as I have receipted for the whole amount of wheat as above, to return the above order No 1292 $441.80 if it duly came to your hands. You do not need a tithing order from here as a receipt for the delivery of wheat belonging to B. Young Sen. which was the case with the 220 54/60 bushels, altho bro O. Arnolds book shows the following entries made by your Tithing Clerk, of wheat delivered to him as teamster for B. Young sen:
"June 3  125 bus. wheat bought for B Young"
           "  228 16/60    "   belonging to    do
           "  220 54/60 " " (Tithing Wheat.)  "
      Total 574 10/60 bushels agreeing with the item on first page here of, which wheat belonged to B Young Sen personally as set forth in the acct you have rendered of wheat recd & delivered belonging to him personally. If it was necessary, to load B Young's teams immediately, to borrow some tithing wheat, to make up the quantity that you had recd for B Young, it should not have been stated in O. Arnold's book that B Young had been receiving tithing wheat as it was his own wheat--due to him by you, & it led bro Whitney to issue an order for it & to charge the same to B Young; thus charging B Young with what was already his own, but I have made it void here, and request you to return the order as before stated No 1292 June 11/68 $441.80

Referring to your Tithing Account Current for 1867, you have debited yourself $895.76 altogether, to wheat that belonged to B Young. You will therefore as you have delivered to B Young Sen. his wheat, have to credit yourself in your Tithing Account Current with the same, but all of the business which you are good enough to transact with & for B Young Sen. personally should be fully and promptly reported to him personally and to no other department whatever, as it tends to embarras clerks, increase errors & the chances of his being debited with his own property or charged twice.

All the flour business that you are doing this year for him personally, should not come into your Tithing Account anymore than you would burden it with your own private affairs. Trusting that the foregoing will commend itself to you as correct and proper, I remain

Truly yours,

T. W. Ellerbeck
Chief Clerk for Brigham Young,
Trustee in Trust C. J. C. L. D. S.