1868 June Letter to D. O. Calder


1868 June Letter to D. O. Calder


Four thousand dollars is sent for the University.




Brigham Young


D. O. Calder


1868 June


Great Salt Lake City
New York


Financial Matters

Salt Lake City, U. T.
June 1i. 1868

D. O. Calder, Esq.
care of H. B. Clawson, Esq.
60 East 27th Street,
New York City.

Dear Sir:-

Enclosed please find Wells, Fargo, Cos. Chk No 1507 of this date on their House, New York, for Two Thousand Dollars ($2000.00) It is made payable to H. B. Clawson because it was more convenient for Eldredge & Clawson, thro' whom I obtained it. Bror. Clawson can get the money or endorse it to you as you prefer. This is Territorial money appropriated for the use of the University. Tomorrow I expect to send you a similar amoung ($2000.00) same kind of funds, for the same object, which will be all that I expect to send, as probably you can fix the balance if any more is needed, when your return. If this is not enought & you will need more before that time, it will be necessary for you to advise us. By direction of the Chancellor & Regents,

T. W. Ellerbeck

P. S. The understanding of the Legislature was to use only Five Thousand ($5000.00) dolls this year.

T. W. E.