1868 June 19 Letter to L. H. Hershfield


1868 June 19 Letter to L. H. Hershfield


Brigham negotiates for an increase in a contract to cover Indian theft. He desires information on the timing and details of the work.




Brigham Young


L. H. Hershfield


1868 June 19


Great Salt Lake City
Helena, Montana


Business Matters
Financial Matters

Salt Lake City, Utah Ter.,
June 19, 1868

Mr. L. H. Hershfield,
Helena, Montana Territory.


Your favor of the 11th inst. is to hand, and I improve the earliest opportunity to inform you that I at once forwarded to Gen. Rich your proposal on his route, with a request to furnish me his views thereon as soon as practicable. I also conversed with Messrs Clayton & Dolten, reliable and responsible gentlemen doing business at Beaver, who informed me that the distance from Beaver to Hicks is some over 200 miles, and wished me to ask you whether the figures of your contract would not warrant you in giving $3600.00 for service thereon, as $3000.00 leaves no margin for losses of stock on a line exposed to Indian thefts, and would be merely changing man and animal hire and grain and forage, all at low rates, into money. I would also be pleased to know when you wish the service put on, and its character; they have animals, &c. and could begin whenever desired, I will adivse Messrs Clayton & Dolten of any information you may furnish me, on the points they have mentioned, as also of Gen, Rich's reply it is received.

Brigham Young