1868 June 20 letter to William Lee


1868 June 20 letter to William Lee


Brigham does not wish to infringe upon arrangements made by his agent. Lee should have his share of the crops unless he wants to sell to Brother Quincy.




William Lee


William Lee


1868 June 20


Great Salt Lake City
Gransville, Tooele County




Salt Lake City,
June 20, 1868.

Elder William Lee,
Grantsville, Tooele Co, U. T.

Dear Brother:

In conversation about the place you mention, known as the Hardy Place, I understaood from br. Rydalch that you had a house of your own nearly ready to move into, and intended to do so soon, and of course presumed that you could handily take possession of the house at almost any time. But all I have thought and said upon the subject I have not designed to infringe in the least upon any arrangements between you and Bishop Rowberry as my agent, and wish you to have your proper share of the crop, &c. or such remuneration therefore as may be just and right, to your satisfaction and according to (your) judgement, and I trust no one will evince any disposition to infringe upon your rights and priveleges in the least in this matter.o

If you wish to sell your part of the crops to br. Quincey Knowlton it will be all right with me, as br. Quincey is to have any share that would have come to me.

Your Brother in the Gospel,
Brigham Young