1868 June 29 Letter to David O. Calder


1868 June 29 Letter to David O. Calder


Four thousand dollars is sent to print ten thousand copies of two books. The printing plates should be left in New York, providing the opportunity for additional prints. Calder should inquire into the cost of printing church books. Heber C. Kimball died June 24th.




Brigham Young


David O. Calder


1868 June 29


Great Salt Lake City
New York City

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Financial Matters


Salt Lake City,
June 29, 1868.

Elder David O. Calder,
60 East 27th Street, New York City.

Dear Brother:

Yours of the 15th came to hand on the 26th, and I at once telegraphed to you as follows: "Letter of 15th received, Second Book expressed yesterday. Ten thousand copies each will do for the present. Will write soon."

As advised by telegram. I think ten thousand copies each of the 1st and 2nd books will answer for the present, but as it will probably be most advantageous to have our printing done east for a while yet, I wish you to learn the most favorable terms upon which additional copies of either or both of those books can be printed and bound by the thousand, as we may from time to time direct, upon giving timely notice. To carry out this advice it may be necessary for you to select some suitable responsible person with whom to leave the plates and such other materials as may be necessary for said printing, taking receipt therefor. Such information, not bargain or contract, with the requisite materials left as above named, will give us opportunity to have additional copies of those books printed as we may be well to leave it with the person you may select to intrust the plates with.

On the 19th inst. br T. W. Ellerbeck, Treasurer, forwarded you a Wells, Fargo & Co. for $2000 00/100, and another for the same amount on the 20th, making $4000 00/100 upon learning what amount you would need, which I trust came duly to hand.

While learning about printing additional copies of the two books, please also learn cost of type of another size, say brevier, and price of printing and binding, by the page, of such books as the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, Book of Mormon, or any other books we may wish to order printed.

President Heber C. Kimball closed his this life's journey on the 22 inst, and his funeral was crowdedly attended in the New Tabernacle on the 24th., the particulars of which you will see in the papers.

Prospects are favorable for general good crops, and work is being prosecuted on my railroad contract, which will be very enerjetically pushed forward so soon as the tools arrive, which are now daily

Your family, Hiram's, br Staines and all your friends generally well.

Your brother in the Gospel,
Brigham Young