1868 July 1 Letter to Brigham Young


1868 July 1 Letter to Brigham Young


Orson Pratt asks for forgiveness for advocating ideas that opposed the counsel and guidance of the Prophet and Apostles of the Church.




Orson Pratt Senior


Brigham Young


1868 July 1


Great Salt Lake City

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S. L. City.
July 1st. 1868.

To Prest B. Young:

Dear brother,

since the last two meetings at the school, I have, at times, reflected much and very seriously, upon the feelings which I have suffered myself for years to occasionally entertain respecting certain doctrines, or rather times of ante-diluvian history, now believed by the Church, and have tried to justify myself in taking an opposite view, on the supposition that I was supported by the letter of the word of God: but as often as I have yielded to this influence I have felt an indescribable wretchedness which fully convinces me that I am wrong; <I wish to repent of these wrongs> for I fully realize that my sins, in this respect, have been very great, and of long continuance, and that it has been only through your great forbearance and long suffering, and the patience of my quorum, that I have been continued in the high and responsible calling of the Apostleship to this day.

I am deeply sensible that I have greatly sinned against you, and against my brethren of the school, and against God, in foolishly trying to justify myself in advocating ideas, opposed to hose which have been introduced by the highest authorities of the Church, and adopted by the Saints. I humbly ask you and the school to forgive me, Hereafter, through the grace of God assisting me, I am determined to be one with you, and never be found opposing anything that comes through the legitimate order of the Priesthood, knowing that it is perfectly right for me to humbly submit, in all matters of doctrine and principle, my judgement to those whose right it is, by divine appointment to receive revelation and guide the Church.

There is no one thing in this world, or in that which is to come which I do more earnestly desire, than to honor my calling, and be permitted to retain the same, and with my brethren the Twelve, enter the Celestial Kingdom, with a full preparation to enjoy the glory thereof for ever.

With regard to all that portion of my printed writings which ahve come under the inspection of the highest authorities of the Church, and judged incorrect, I do most sincerely hope that the same may be rejected and considered of no value, only to point out the imperfections of the author, and to be warning to others to be more careful. This request I made formely, but feel to renew it again in this letter.

With feelings of great sorrow, and deep regret for all my past sins. I subscribe myself your humble brother in Christ.

Orson Pratt, Sen.

We certify that the above is a true copy.
Geo. Q. Cannon
George Reynolds.