1868 July 4 Letter to the Captains, Teamsters and Guards of the Church Trains


1868 July 4 Letter to the Captains, Teamsters and Guards of the Church Trains


The teams are under the direction of Horace Eldredge. He will determine which teams which teams carry freight, work on the railroad or carry immigrants.




Brigham Young


Captains of the Church Trains
Teamsters of the Church Trains
Guards of the Church Trains


1868 July 4


Great Salt Lake City


Church Leadership

Salt Lake City,
July 4. 1868.

To the Captains, Teamsters and Guards of the Church Trains sent East for our this years immigration.


As there is a probability that there will be quite a number of teams in excess of the wants of this years' immigration, we have deemed it best to authorize, and hereby and herein do authorize Elder Horace S. Eldredge, the bearer of these letters, to take sole and entire charge and direction of all the Companies sent east for this season's immigration, from the date of these letters until the return of said Companies.

In exercising the authority conferred as aforesaid, bro.

H. S. Eldredge is hereby instructed to give such directions and make such disposition of the men and teams, both mule and ox, and both by companies as they are now organized and by portions of such Companies, as his judgment may dictate for the best interests of all the parties concerned, whether it be freighting from points on the railroad to this city, or from Cheyenne or Laramie City to Denver, or working teams on the railroad, or waiting for the immigration.

And inasmuch as there will probably be teams that cannot be employed to advantage, bro. Eldredge is counseled to search out or, if he has not time, cause to be searched out the best place or places for the teams detailed to wait for our immigrants, so far from any gang of railroad laborers that neither party need in any way interrupt the other; and also to so arrange and time that our immigrants shall be transferred from the cars to the wagons with the least possible chance for intercourse or contact with other parties or persons.

Bro. Eldredge is also authorized to engage freight from and direct it to be hauled for whomsoever he may see fit, upon such terms as he may please to contract, and to do all things necessary to be done for the welfare and benefit of Israel.

The Captains, Teamsters, Guards and Immigrants are hereby again expressly counselled to faithfully attend to their morning and evening prayers, to refrain from every wicked act and at all times and under all circumstances conduct themselves worthy of the great obligations devolved upon us.

Praying that all needful blessing may attend those who endeavor in faithfulness to observe the foregoing instructions, We remain

Your brethren in the Gospel,

Brigham Young
Daniel H Wells