1868 July 6 Letter to the Captains of the Emigration Companies.


1868 July 6 Letter to the Captains of the Emigration Companies.


Each captain should create a detailed schedule of his company that includes the number of animals, the amount of freight and the names of the teamsters, guards and passengers.




Brigham Young


Captain of each Company


1868 July 6


Great Salt Lake City




Salt Lake City,
July 6. 1868.

To each Captain of a Company:

To enable you to give the requisite report upon your return, you are requested to make out minutely correct schedule of every wagon in your company, specifying the number of horses, mules, or oxen sent with each, and their character, whether good, middling or bad, and which of the wagons and animals were purchased in the states, also the name of the teamster oppostie each wagon, his efficiency, whether good, bad or indifferent, the names of the guards, and from <what> ward each teamster, team and guard is sent; and when freight or passengers or both, are loaded in any wagon, specify the amount of freight and names of passengers, as also any change of either, made from one wagon to another on the route. It is probable that Elder Horace S. Eldredge, who has sole and entire charge and direction of all the companies sent East for this season's immigration", may find it advisable to more or less divide the large companies; in which cases there must be a captain appointed to each company, however small, who must also keep and report a schedule made out in full as aforenamed.

Compliance with the foregoing will oblige your brother,

Brigham Young