1868 July 8 Letter to H. B. Clawson


1868 July 8 Letter to H. B. Clawson


Each immigrant needs to give a promissory note for their passage. Brigham is in Echo Canyon on business for the railroad.




Brigham Young


H. B. Clawson


1868 July 8


Great Salt Lake City
New York City



Salt Lake City, U. T.
July 8. 1868.

Elder H. B. Clawson,
60 East 27th Street
New York City.

Dear bro:-

Last evening Horace S. Eldredge Esq. left by stage for the terminus of the U. P. Railroad to take entire charge of the emigration from that point to this place. Therefore -- if you have not taken the emigrants' notes for their passage from New York to the valley, previous to their arrival at the terminus, that duty will need to be performed shortly after they start with the wagons, or at the time of starting & as you have probably had them printed <by the form we sent you> so as to be handy, you can advise with bro Eldredge about the matter, and, if he takes the notes, or has them taken, of course, if you have had them struck off, they will need to be conveyed to him for that purpose.

President Young has gone to Echo on the Railroad business. He went yesterday morning & will be gone near a week.

Bro Eldredge thought his letters ought to be addressed to care of McGeath & Co. Laramie Cityh (the present terminus) or the terminus of the Railroad.

Yours Truly
T. W. Ellerbeck