1868 July 8 Letter to H. S. Eldredge


1868 July 8 Letter to H. S. Eldredge


H. B. Clawson has forms to take promissory notes for each immigrant's passage. Eldredge should assure that this is completed.




T. W. Ellerbeck


H. S. Eldredge


1868 July 8


Great Salt Lake City
Laramie City, Dakota Territory




Salt Lake City, U. T.
July 8. 1868

Elder H. S. Eldredge
care of McGeath & Co
Laramie City Dakota Territory.

Dr bro:-

Please see copy of letter to bro Clawson enclosed, relating to taking the emigrants' notes for their passage from New York to the valley. A form was furnished to bro Clawson to have struck off for the purpose & it was supposed that he would send some clerk to the terminus to attend to the matter, but it may now devolve upon you to see to, which however bro Clawson will probably advise you about so soon as he learns of your appointment.

It is considered absolutely necessary that those notes should be taken about the time they leave the terminus, as the emigrants are met all along by their freinds & taken out of the trains, away beyond Green River & it cannot be attended to from this end. Moreover bro Clawson has the figures which will be charged to them which we have not.

Yours truly

T. W. Ellerbeck
Clk for Prest B Young