1868 July 8 Letter to Isaac Bullock


1868 July 8 Letter to Isaac Bullock


Bullock is asked to settle an account.




T. W. Ellerbeck


Isaac Bullock


1868 July 8


Great Salt Lake City


Financial Matters


Salt Lake City, July 8. 1868.

Isaac Bullock Esq:-Provo City,

Dear bro:-

While you were East in 1866 the following Telegram was sent to you

"G. S. L. City, July 3. 1866 Isaac Bullock Wyoming Two Hundred Dollars have been placed with Isett, Kerr & Co. New York City, to your credit.-- Purchase wagon with it for Bp Nathan Davis. Team was sent down in Holladay's train. Brigham Young"

Bro Thos Taylor's acct shows that the wagon was furnished costing $163.00 but there is no account that you received the $200.00 from New York & as the $37.00 overpaid is being continually called for, please sign the enclosed Check on Isett Kerr & Co for the $200.00 so it can be all settled up. If you have drawn the $200.00 above referred to please render an account of the same to B Young Trustee in Trust -- if not, please sign the enclosed. Bro Taylor was paid in his Acct for the wagon furnished, -- therefore the whole $200.00 is coming back to the President

Your early attention is respectfully requested
Yours truly

T. W. Ellerbeck,
Clk for B Young