1868 July 14 Letter to H. S. Eldredge


1868 July 14 Letter to H. S. Eldredge


An account should be kept of all freight being hauled in the church trains.




Brigham Young


H. S. Eldredge


1868 July 14


Great Salt Lake City
Laramie City


Financial Matters


President's Office,
Salt Lake City,
July 14. 1868.

H. S. Eldredge Esq
care McGeath & Co Laramie City.

Dear bro:-

In addition to correct way bills being furnished to all persons in charge of trains, of all freight that they may have to bring for any person or persons whomsoever, I thought I would suggest to you that it is advisable for you to obtain and keep a full account of all such freight -- in case that any captains may lose their way bills, or fail to report such freight, so that we will be able to get a full and correct account against all persons who ought to pay anything for freight brought or hauled for them in the Church teams.

Yours respectfully

T. W. Ellerbeck
Chf Clk for B Y T. T.

P. S. Try and get your own freight by the Church teams and as much more for this city as you can.

By direction of Prest B Young
(The fan Mill on enclosed way bill is to come on -- it may perhaps be at Omaha)