1868 July 28 Letter to H. S. Eldredge


1868 July 28 Letter to H. S. Eldredge


Eldredge is asked to track down two cracker cutting machines purchased in 1866 and forward them with the teams.




Brigham Young


H. S. Eldredge


1868 July 28


Great Salt Lake City
Laramie City


Business Matters
Overland Travel


Salt Lake City, U. T.
July 28. 1868.

Elder H. S. Eldredge
care of McGeath & Co
Laramie City.

Dear bro:-

Some two years ago, I bought a Cracker Machine, in this city, from a person going through this city, and there were two 'cutters' -- one for cutting out Boston Crackers & the other for 'picnics' left behind, at Julesburg, and last year they were loaded on a wagon along with Godbe & Mitchells goods, but the wagon broke down & returned to Julesburg. Smith was the name of the wagon master & the contents of the wagon were left in care of Woolwarth & Barton, at that place, who have since sold out to McGeath & Co: The rest of the freight was received subsequently by Godbe & Mitchell, but the 'Cutters' were left behind. These statements have been obtained from bro Mitchell, who states that he thinks they have no mark on them, but that bro H B Clawson is well acquainted with their appearance & why the were left behind. I would like to have them sent on by the teams this year; if you can get them, please have them sent, and oblige

Your brother,

Brigham Young