1868 August 4 Letter to H. B. Clawson


1868 August 4 Letter to H. B. Clawson


If needed the money sent to the Trustee and Trust may be used for the emigration.




Brigham Young


H. B. Clawson


1868 August 4


Great Salt Lake City


New York City


Salt Lake City, U. T.
Aug 4 1868.

Elder. H. B. Clawson.
60 East 27th Street New York city.

Dear Bro:-

Enclosed please find First Check, No 40762. drawn by Banking House of A & J C S. Hanson, Indianapolis, May 29. 1868. on Corn Exchange, Bank New York City to order of Elijah Mendenhall for Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) It is lastly endorsed to you for collection Please credit the Trustee in Trust and if you need it let it be used for emigration purposes. Your letter of 21st ult intimating a probability of your needing more money; or the necessity of leaving some of the passengers in the states, induced me to telegraph you yesterday to forward all through passengers, and if money gave out to draw on me by duly advising me, but a letter from bro. Franklin dated 15th ult received subsequently shows that there is no apparent lack of means for all whom he sent out. I send the above sum however and hope you will duly inform me if you are likely to need anything more.

Your bro. in the Gospel
Brigham Young