1868 August 4 Letter to Charles Widerborg


1868 August 4 Letter to Charles Widerborg


Widerborg is released as president of the Danish-Norwegian mission. He is replaced by Jesse N. Smith. Updates are given on the railroad and emigration.




Brigham Young


Charles Widerborg


1868 August 4


Great Salt Lake City
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Salt Lake City, U. T.
August 4, 1868.

Elder Charles Widerborg,
Lorentzens Gade 14, Copenhagen,

Dear Brother:

It has seemed proper to us, and will doubtless be pleasing to yourself to learn that we have deemed it so, to release you to return home, and have selected Elder Jesse N. Smith to act in your place, of which bro. Franklin D. is also advised, with instructions to so advise you, that the information may have two chances of reaching you in good time. Br's Albert Carrington and Jesse N. Smith will start on or about the 15th inst., and expect to arrive in Liverpool in some 20 or 21 days from that date. I wish you, immediately upon receipt of this advice, to begin to arrange the business and affairs of the office for turning over to your successor in a proper and understandable condition. Whenever you have thus arranged the business and affairs of the Office, you are at liberty to start for home, if you can select a suitable person to take temporary charge until br. Smith arrives. By corresponding with br. Richards, you may be able, if you wish, to return home together.

Work on my railroad contract is progressing favorably and home affairs are in a very satisfactory condition, notwithstanding the ravages of the locusts or grasshoppers in many localities

Five of the ten trains sent to the terminus of the railroad for our immigration are on their return with some 1500 or 1600 passengers, and we trust the rest will soon be aboard the wagons, though we are not yet advised of the arrival of the Emerald Isle and Constitution.

Trusting that these few lines may prove interesting and satisfactory, and that you will be blest with a speedy and safe return to the loved ones at home,

I remain,

Your brother in the Gospel.
Brigham Young