1868 August 14 Letter to John Bisson


1868 August 14 Letter to John Bisson


There are more mechanics in Utah than needed. Bisson is encouraged to learn about the gospel by contacting David Stuart or by obtaining church publications.




Brigham Young


John Bisson


1868 August 14


Great Salt Lake City
Chicago, Illinois


Missionary Work

Salt Lake City,
August 14. 1868

Mr John Bisson.
249 South State Street,
Chicago. Ill.


Your favor of the 6th inst. is to hand.

Mechanics are more plentiful here at present, than is employment for them: I do not think there is sufficient business here in your line to be any inducement to you to come on that account, but as regards our doctrine I would recommend you to investigate the Principles of the Church, as Set forth in the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrines and Covenants,. Voice of warning, and other Publications, by our authors, asking the Lord for the aid of His Spirit that you may be guided aright, and by this means you can possess yourself of the Truth, which will be a comfort to you, no matter what may be your circumstances in this or any other Country.

I would refer you to Mr. David M. Stuart one of our Missionaries, residing at St. Louis; by opening a correspondence with him, you can become informed in regard to the first Principles of our Religion. His address is

Care of Mr. H. G. Kershaw, 2006 North 14th Street, St Louis Mo.

Praying the Lord to direct your mind to the Truth,

I am, Respectfully
Brigham Young