1868 August 14 Instruction for President Jesse N. Smith


1868 August 14 Instruction for President Jesse N. Smith


Smith is authorized to proceed to Denmark to preside over the Scandinavia Mission.




Brigham Young
Daniel H. Wells


Jesse N. Smith


1868 August 14


Salt Lake City, Utah


Church Leadership
Missionary Work


Presidents Office,
Salt Lake City, Utah Territory,
August 14th, 1868.

INSTRUCTIONS for President Jesse N. Smith

Dear Brother:

You are hereby appointed and authorized to proceed to Copenhagen, Denmark to relieve President Charles Widerborg in the Presidency of the Scandinavia Mission and to take charge, oversight, and Presidency thereof in his stead, and to direct, counsel and advise in regard to the persons and affairs connected with said Presidency in such manner as your judgement, the Holy Spirit and advice from the President of the European Mission and from us, from time to time, may direct for the salvation of the human family, the gathering of Israel and the upbuilding of the Kingdom of God.

That you may be abundantly blessed in all your efforts to do good, magnify your calling, honor our God, and be greatly instrumental in spreading His work upon the earth is the prayer of

Your Brethren in the Gospel,

Brigham Young
Daniel H. Wells