1868 August 28 Letter to James Davy


1868 August 28 Letter to James Davy


Brigham shares church doctrine. The people are free to choose their way of life. Utah is an agricultural state and the laws are similar to other states.




Brigham Young


James Davy


1868 August 28


Great Salt Lake City
Idaho City, Idaho Territory

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Gospel Doctrine


Salt Lake City
August 28. 1868.

Mr James Davy
P. O. Box 320
Idaho City. I. T.


Your favor of the 18th inst: is before me. With regard to our doctrines I would say, we believe and are striving to obey the same Gospel that our Savior taught while upon this earth, obedience to which is followed by the same gifts and blessings enjoyed by the Saints in former days. The God whom we worship is unchangeable -- the same yesterday, today and forever. So also is His plan of Salvation and the Priesthood or authority for administering its Ordinances, for this reason we do not regard as valid any previous baptisms of a person who presents himself to be admitted into the Church of Jesus Christ, but we require him to be baptized for the remission of sins by one having authority from God to act in His name in these sacred ordinances and after baptism to walk in all humility before the Lord in honesty, virtue and truthfulness the remaining years of his life. Men and women are as free here, as anywhere, to marry agreeably with their own views and choice: obedience to every requirement of Heaven being voluntary in accordance with the agency given by our Heavenly Father to the human family. 

Labor in this Territory is regulated by the same laws as in other parts of the Country, the people being agriculturists.

Praying the Lord to lead you into all Truth,

I am Your's Respectfully,

Brigham Young