1868 August 28 Letter to Seth Green


1868 August 28 Letter to Seth Green


Salt water fish may be introduced into lakes and rivers. Utah Lake has a variety of trout. Insects are the only living thing in the Great Salt Lake.




Brigham Young


Seth Green


1868 August 28


Salt Lake City
Mumford, Monroe County, New York

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Salt Lake City,
August. 28. 1868.

Mr Seth Green,
Mumford Monroe Co. N.Y.

Dear Sir,

Your favor of the 10th inst: inclosing a slip from the "Chicago Tribune" reached us yesterday. I thank you kindly for the same.

The advantages of fish culture are receiving considerable attention, from the people of this Territory at the present time, and we fully expect when the Railroad comes through to plant the oyster, lobster and other salt water fish in suitable places in our lakes and rivers.

Utah Lake about 32 miles to the South of this City is well stocked with (trout, of white, red and yellow meat,) weighing from one to twenty pounds each, and in appearance very much resembling the cut on the outside of your envelopes.

The rivers flowing into the Great Salt Lake are also well stocked with trout and other fishes of inferior quality as food, but the only living thing that exist in the waters of that Lake, with which I am acquainted is small insect, about the 20th or 24th part of an inch in length, These exist in millions.

It is but a few years ago that I became acquainted with this fact, when I discovered them, as I was passing round one of the largest islands in the Lake.

Yours Respectfully,
Brigham Young