1868 August 29 Letter to Brigham Young Jr


1868 August 29 Letter to Brigham Young Jr


A recorded is sent of the day work performed on the railroad. Care should be taken not to allow workers to overdraw.




T. W. Ellerbeck


Brigham Young Jr


1868 August 29


Salt Lake City


Salt Lake City, Aug 29. 1868
Bro. Brigham Young jr Present

Dear bro:-

Jno Harvey wrote me on the 26th inst for an account (which he had mislaid) of the day work which bro Schettler took an acct of It is as follows:

9 days Team work on dams & ditch
Men's " " " " "
132 " " " " Cutting brush
244 " " " " making road

Please give to him the enclosed 50¢ returned

I trust some means will be taken to report all the day work, at the end of next month to the engineers not omitting that of those who having completed their contracts have gone home.

The acct of day work which bro Schettler took was only up to the middle of July!

A necessity may exist to see that no one is allowed, thro' Gosseline or otherwise, to overdraw their accounts which would create a loss to the President.

Your bro
T.W. Ellerbeck