1868 September 7 Letter to S. B. Reed


1868 September 7 Letter to S. B. Reed


Once Brigham has sufficient workers for his contract he will then raise 600 more for Reed's contract. Reed is asked to send payment for completed jobs.




Brigham Young


S. B. Reed


1868 September 7


Salt Lake City
Mouth of Echo Canyon

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Salt Lake City
7 Sept 1868

S.B. Reed Esq.
Mouth of Echo.

Dear Sir

I am anxious to have the road to the west of Weber Canon laid out as soon as possible, so that I can go to work there; which I expect to be able to do in a very short time, as also to put on all the men that are necessary to very quickly finish the contract I am at present at work upon.

As soon as I can get my own road well stocked with hands, I will do my best to raise the 600 hands, regarding whom you this morning telegraphed me; and to which I replied as follows: "When I feel I have sufficient hands on my own contract to secure its completion, I will do what I can for him."

The delay in setting the men to work on the road has caused many of the hands to scatter for a time out of my reach, but there is no question but that the teams you require can be obtained, if some men were employed to hire the teams and take charge of them until they could be set to work.

I will endeavor to see that there are no tools taken by my hands except to be used on my job.

A number of the men who have finished their jobs are anxious to get pay for their day's work. I should be pleased if in your next assessment you could include these items in your payment.

Yours &c
Brigham Young