1868 September 9 Letter to Levi Stewart


1868 September 9 Letter to Levi Stewart


Subcontractors for the railroad construction are requested to hire additional workers and complete their assigned portion or give it up to another contractor.


1868 September 9


Brigham Young


Levi Stewart


1868 September 9


Salt Lake City


Building and Construction
Business Matters

Salt Lake City
Sept 9. 1868

Mr Levi Stewart

Dear Brother

I am desirous to have the work on my contract rushed through as quickly as possible, I therefore wish you to hire all the hands that you can possibly employ to advantage, so that your portion of the contract can be finished without delay; otherwise I must request you to give up your job or such portions as you cannot complete in time so that I can relet them (or you can relet them) for the work must be finished, as they are hurrying me up to commence my work West of Weber canon. If you have any spare teams
they are required by the Superintendent Reed, to haul and distribute ties for the railroad Company.

Your Brother,
Brigham Young

A copy of the above letter was sent on this day to each of the subcontractors on President Young's contract who had not completed their job.

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