1868 September 10 Letter to Brigham Young


1868 September 10 Letter to Brigham Young


As requested, Sharp sends a written appeal for Brigham to pay Joseph Young the money due on the contract. All laborers will work on tunnels.




John Sharp


President Young


1868 September 10


Salt Lake City


Financial Matters
Building and Construction

"Belmont Station,
Sept. 10. 1868.

President Young,

Dear brother:-I am pleased to acknowledge the receipt of your favor of yesterday wishing me to give you a writing to pay Jos. A. Young the money due on our contract.

All I have to say on that subject is, we need the money to purchase Grain and Hay, and if we could not draw it (the money) without my signature it would be very inconvenient, and I would consider it as a favor if you would give him all the money due us on our contract, as he needs it and you can consider this an order to this effect.

Your council to put all the men on the Tunnels and heavy points shall be carried out

From Your brother in the Gospel
(signed) John Sharp

The above are correct copies,
T.W. Ellerbeck
James Jack