1868 September 14 Letter to John Brown


1868 September 14 Letter to John Brown


A request to assist Catherine Crawford to emigrate from Georgia. Updates are given on the railroad and emigration. Brigham will hold meetings in Sanpete County.




Brigham Young


John Brown


1868 September 14


Salt Lake City
Du Quoin, Illinois

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Church Leadership

President's Office Salt Lake City
Sept. 14. 1868.

Elder John Brown
Care of Mr. James Crane,
Du. Quoin. Ills.

Dear Brother,

There is a lady by the name of Mrs. Catherine R. Crawford living at Appling, Columbia, Georgia. who is a daughter of Bro. Isaac Clark (now dead) of Ogden, where her mother still resides, and who is anxious to return to this Territory. I shall be pleased if you will have one of the Elders hunt her up, and then have her and her family forwarded to this place. If she needs any aid, assist her, and we will credit you at this Office.

At the present time we are enjoying delightful weather in this Valley, and the farmers are busy, threshing out their crops which promise a much larger yield than we at one time anticipated. The health of the Community is good for this season of the year and the people are busy pushing on my rail road contract in Echo and Weber Canons; In a very few days I expect to break ground on the grading west of Weber, but at present I do not know if it is decided on which side of the Lake the road will pass.

All the emigrant trains have arrived except part of Gilhespie's and those of captains Holman and Mumford; the first is expected in tomorrow, the two last passed South Pass City on the 11th inst. The folks in the trains that have arrived look well, and were generally healthy. I expect to start on in company with some of the brethren <on> Wednesday, 16th. to visit the Saints in Sanpete and Intermediate Valleys, amongst others we hope to preach at your settlement, and encourage the folks there to lives of usefulness and good works.

Praying the Lord to continually bless you and the Elders associated with you, I remain,

Your Brother,
Brigham Young