1868 September 22 Letter to John Brown


1868 September 22 Letter to John Brown


The Eastern Mission is successful. Updates are given on the emigration, construction on the railroad, and the Salt Lake Theater.




George A. Smith


John Brown


1868 September 22


Salt Lake City
St. Louis, Missouri


Missionary Work
Building and Construction
Performing Arts


Presidents Office
Salt Lake City.
Sept: 22. 1868.

Elder John Brown,
St. Louis, Mo.

Dear Brother,

President Young is now visiting the Saints in Utah, Juab and Sanpete Counties. During his absence, he requested me to attend to his correspondence consequently the receipt of your letter of the 12th inst. affords me the pleasure of now writing to you.

On the 14th inst. the President wrote you a short letter, giving the current items of news, this he directed to you at your old address, Du Quoin. Ills. I hope it reached you safely. We were very pleased to hear the news contained in your communication, regarding the success of the Mission under your charge; as also to learn the whereabouts of the various Elders laboring with you; we deem their distribution eminently judicious and are glad to have your testimony of their good feelings and labors.

Since the President wrote to you nothing of any special importance has occurred in our midst; Captain Gilhespie's train of Emigrants has arrived, and we expect Captain Mumford in to day or tomorrow. Captain Holman is due in Echo to-day.

The railroad contract taken by the President still continues a chief topic of interest here; the brethren have finished nearly all the work in Echo Canon, but there still remains a vast amount of heavy work to be done in Weber Canon.

Bros. Benson, West and Far have taken a grading job for the C.P.R.R. Co. from Monument Point at the northern extremity of the Great Salt Lake, one hundred Miles Westward; they have sublet the greater portion of it.

Notwithstanding the tightness of the times, our Theatre is still liberally sustained. The managers, on their part have kept up the interest by introducing for the amusement of the Salt Lake Public several well known Stars in the Theatrical firmament.
Praying the Lord to continually bless and prosper you and those associated with you in your administration,

I remain

Your brother in the Gospel,
Geo. A. Smith