1868 October 2 Letter to J. Rowberry


1868 October 2 Letter to J. Rowberry


The Saints should cease trading with outsiders and instead support their fellow Saints. If they do sell to outsiders it should be for cash.




Brigham Young


J. Rowberry


1868 October 2


Salt Lake City


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Salt Lake City, U.T.
2 October 1868

Bishop J. Rowberry

Dear Brother,

I am informed that C. Whitehead, who has been trading in your valley for sometime past has been in this city lately and purchased a large stock of goods of some of the leading merchants here who are not members of the Church.

It is my wish and counsel that the saints under your charge, cease trading entirely and at once with all outsiders; and those who patronize them, and let them severely alone. Let the saints in all their trading sustain those who are in fellowship with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and none others.

If any outsider wishes to purchase your hay, grain or whatever else you have to sell, let them pay the cash for what they buy; and then take the money and buy what you require at such places, where you can purchase just as cheaply as the outsiders can, and organize co-operative stores and send east for such goods as you are obliged to import as soon as you can but cease to trade with outsiders.

Your brother in the Gospel.
Brigham Young