1868 September 29 Letter to J. R. Young


1868 September 29 Letter to J. R. Young


Brigham's trip to San Pete County was pleasant and productive but he returned home ill. The land specified should remain as it is for now.




Brigham Young


J. R. Young


1868 September 29


Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City U. T.
29 Sept 1868

Mr J. R. Young

Dear Nephew

Your favor of the 20 inst reached me safely. I am always pleased | to hear from you and am glad you can report so favorably of the health of your family an of that of the people in the settlement generally.

I am thankful to say my health is now good though owing my trip south, I was, for several days far from being as well as I could wish. This detracted somewhat from the pleasantness of my trip in all other respects our journey was a most happy one. The Saints[?] of every settlement from the infant to the aged turned out in force to meet us, and their happy faces and joyful expressions manifested how, pleased they were to have the leaders of Israel with them.

I feel satisfied the teachings imparted to the people during this visit will bring much good fruit, to the honor of God and the Salvation of the people.

Regarding the land you speak of in your letter. I wish it to remain as it is for the present until I come down and visit you the next time.

Praying the Lord to continue to bless you
I remain, Your Uncle,

Brigham Young