1868 October 3 Letter to Albert Carrington


1868 October 3 Letter to Albert Carrington


Brigham requests the details for each payment John Bright made to emigrate his family.




T. W. Ellerbeck
Brigham Young


Albert Carrington


1868 October 3


Salt Lake City


Financial Matters


Salt Lake City,
Oct. 3. 1868.

Elder A. Carrington,
42 Islington, L'pool.

Dear Bro:--

George C. Wade, a passenger by the "John Bright" is here and wants a settlement of his account for money paid into L'pool office. We have here all the papers turned over by bro. Clawson and also papers brought by bro Franklin D Richards but we cannot settle with him. He says he paid money 12£ each for 10-1/2 persons to end of Railroad; besides which he paid money for a Dft on H.B. Clawson for £55. and also money for a dft with which to buy a wagon & 4 oxen £75. He gave the 2 Dfts as aforesaid up to bro Clawson, -- and he is duly credited with the same, but there is no evidence that he showed on this side of the water, that he paid in more than the money specified on the Dfts. But I believe he tells the truth & I have advanced him money to help him purchase a little place. Please advise me at once of all that he paid and how it was to be applied. By so doing oblige the old man and yours

Very truly
T.W. Ellerbeck

Chf Clk President B Young