1868 September 22 Notes for a Special Conference


1868 September 22 Notes for a Special Conference


Notes from a special conference. Topics included fencing, cultivating, Indian affairs and calling a High Counsel. Rivers and the Post Office were named and men were called and released.




J. C. Little




1868 September 22


Salt Lake City

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Church Leadership
Indian Affairs
Post Office
High Council


Salt Lake City Great Basin
North America
Sunday Sept 22. 1847

A Special Conference at the Meeting Ground agreeable to notice by Prest. Brigham Young, at one o'clock P.M. Meeting opened by singing by the Choir.

) Thomas Bullock
) J.C. Little. Secretaries.

Prayer by Elder Wilford Woodruff.

Singing by the choir. Meeting was declared to be open by Elder Heber C. Kimball, and some items of business laid before the Conference. Col. Sherwood spoke upon the subject of our interest here and also of fencing in the City & cultivating within the City and that the fence or wall would be a defence against the Indians. 

Capt. Higgins.

Prest. Young motioned that the Brethren fence in the City entire or in Sections as the Council shall decide. Elder H.C. Kimball arose and spoke upon the motion put by the Prest. and urged the necessity of fencing in the City, rather than to go & fence in other land or leaving it exposed to cattle and Indians. 

The motion was seconded and the vote taken and carried unanimous

Prest Young motioned that a high Council be appointed motion passed unanimously. 

Also motioned and Seconded to appoint all other necessary Officers, motion passed

Motioned and seconded and the vote passed that we call this place The Great Salt Lake City, Great Basin
North America.

Voted to call the Post Office that shall be located in the City, "The Great Basin Post Office, passed

Voted to call the River running from the Southern <*> Lake into the Salt Lake.

The Western Jordan *(I put Southern Lake instead of Eastern by the advice of Pres G.A. Smith. CWS)

Voted to honourably discharge Col. A.T. Rockwood from his charge on the Stockade and also from Camp
duty in the Pioneer Camp.

Motion was made by Capt. Rockwood that Tarleton Lewis take his place and superintend building of the

Prest. Young made some sharp remarks upon the brethren being so selfish as not to be willing to take
hold and finish the walls of the Stockade, he also proposed to fence inside of the Stockade for the cattle,
horses and sheep in case of necessity for safety against the Indians.

Prest. Young proposed to purchase in the Spring 1849 500 to 5000 bush. corn & pay 50 cents per bushel.
Wheat 1.25 Oats 25¢ 

Orson Pratt made some remarks upon the subject of building the wall around the City.

Named Creek in the North East part of City, City Creek, a creek a few miles South Mill Creek & another
Red Butes Creek. & Kanyon Creek where we came through. next Creek South Big Kanyon Creek.

Moved seconded & passed unanimous, that this Conference tender to the 12 their thanks for their
labors & will give their prayers and blessing.

Lorenzo Young made some remarks upon our covenants &c

President Young called upon those who were owing back to the States or Bluffs to arise.

Also called upon those who would take hold to build up a Stockade, to arise; a good number stood up.

H.C. Kimball spoke upon the Spirit of love to the Brethren and much to our edification.

Appointed Edson Whipple to charge of watering land.

Voted that Dr. McIntire keep an account of public labor.

President said he wanted to start back Tuesday eve & see if we are all ready and would go out to Salt Lake and return Wednesday and start on.

President Young moved to adjourn Conference to Oct. 6. 1848. at 10 o'clock; motion passed. Meeting dismissed by Elder O. Pratt.

Blessing and Benediction by President.

J.C. Little. Secretary