1868 October 8 Letter to George Nebeker


1868 October 8 Letter to George Nebeker


The Hawaiian Mission is progressing. Brigham visited the Southern settlements and organized a stake in Juab. 158 men are called to Dixie. Most of the emigration has arrived. Brigham expands his contract with the Railroad. For self preservation the Saints will not trade with outsiders.




Brigham Young


George Nebeker


1868 October 8


Salt Lake City

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President's Office
Salt Lake City
Oct. 8, 1868

Elder Geo. Nebeker
Laie. Oahu. Sandwich Islands.

Dear Brother,

Your favor of August 23rd has come to hand and your report concerning the Mission in your charge, is satisfactory; it is good to know that the Native Brethren are feeling interested in their Religion and enjoying their labors for this is a proof that the Spirit of the Lord is with them, and those who preside over them.

I returned on the 29th ult. from a visit to the Southern Settlements in company with Brothers Wells, Cannon, Musser, Joseph W. Young and others; we were much pleased with our visit; during the twelve days we were absent, we traveled 290 miles, held 26 public meetings, and several Councils, organized branches of the School of the Prophets, held a special Conference at Nephi, Juab County, and organized that place as a Stake of Zion, and ordained a president and High Council there.

I wrote you on the 3rd ult. giving you items of news. &c. The railroad is the main topic of conversation.The line is laid to Green River; the work on my contract is progressing very rapidly; I have contracted to grade 50 miles more than my first job, which will afford the Brethren a great deal of employment.

Bros. F.D. Richards, C. Widerborg and C.W. Penrose arrived here safely by stage on the evening of the 1st inst: they are quite well and hearty.

All this year's immigration have arrived, with the exception of 61 Danes, for whom 6 mule-teams have started to the Terminus. There has been some sickness among the immigrants and some few have died by the way, but as a general thing, the greatest Blessings have accompanied them on their way to Zion, the majority feel thankful for their deliverance. Those who gather with a pure desire to serve God and keep His Commandments are usually satisfied when they get to the bosom of the Church, and they feel to praise the Lord in his mercy in preserving them from the destruction which must come upon the ungodly unless they repent; but those who gather with an idea merely to enrich themselves with worldly wealth and not to build up Zion: their Spirits not being congenial with the circumstances which surround them, or with the feelings of those who are faithful, they get dissatisfied and soon turn away.

Conference adjourned this evening; the subject of Sustaining our brethren and letting outsiders alone has been extensively discussed by the speakers; we voted unanimously to cease dealing with outsiders in Utah Territory and to disfellowship all those who will not comply with this requirement. The necessity of this united move is so apparent that but few will fail to endorse it, even the Gentiles will be bound to acknowledge that it is wise and politic; and characteristic of a prudent and sensible people. We have long fostered in our midst a power which is not of us, and which increases in proportion to the amount of patronage it receives from this people; we are now determined to cut loose from it, and sustain it no longer, the law of self preservation demands it, and the laws of men do not forbid it.

About 158 Missionaries were called upon to go South to strengthen our Dixie Mission.

We have voted to sustain Elder Geo. A. Smith as my first Counselor, and Brigham Young, Junr. as one of the twelve Apostles.

It would be gratifying to me to hear often from you and your field of labor, and I trust you will continue to take the wise and judicious course you have adopted in the past; ever striving to teach by precept and example those Principles which will save and exalt the Saints, and prepare them for the great things which await the Kingdom of God, in the last days.

Encourage the Native Brethren to be faithful to their Religion and diligent in keeping the Commandments of the Lord.

The brethren join me in kind love to you and all with you, and praying the Lord to bless you and yours abundantly. I remain,

Your brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young