1868 October 19 Letter to N. Leavitt


1868 October 19 Letter to N. Leavitt


Leavitt should pay off his debts before leaving on his mission. He is counseled not to trade with outsiders.




Brigham Young


N. Leavitt


1868 October 19


Salt Lake City


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Salt Lake City, U.T.
19 Oct. 1868

Mr N. Leavitt

Dear Brother.

In reply to your note of the 16th inst I think it would be advisable for you to stay in Ogden until you have paid your debts, and can go on your mission free from such incumbrances. Pay off your present debts as quickly as you can and not incur any fresh ones. Above all cease from henceforth to trade with outsiders, but sustain in your deal and trading your brethren those who are the friends of God and his people, and who support His work. It having been voted in general conference that we will no longer fellowship those who trade with outsiders in the manner many have done heretofore.

Your brother,
Brigham Young