1868 October 30 Letter to John E. Hopper


1868 October 30 Letter to John E. Hopper


God is unchangeable and yet the church led by Joseph Jr denies many of the doctrines Joseph taught and for which he laid down his life. John Brown can give information about the doctrine.




Brigham Young


John E. Hopper


1868 October 30


Salt Lake City
Allegan County, Michigan

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Church Doctrine

Salt Lake City. U.T.
30 October 1868.

Mr John E. Hopper.
Allegan Co. Mich.

Dear Sir:

Your favor of August 26th, reached me a day or two ago. I am satisfied that no one with an unprejudiced mind can read the Scriptures carefully and with a prayerful heart without coming to the conclusion you have, that the Christian Churches of the present day are in the dark with regard to the things of God, and that the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are worthy of all acceptance. Yet you say there is a doubt in your mind as to whom you should join, the church having its gathering place here in Utah, or the society who call themselves by the same name, having Joseph Smith Jun. as their leader.

It is certain God, Our Heavenly Father. has never had, nor has he now, two distinct and conflicting Churches on the earth at one and the same time. The Church to which we belong is built on the foundation of the revelations of God given in all ages of the world, from the days of Adam to the present time, That which has Joseph Smith Jun. for its head denies many of the most preacious revelations of God's will, given to his father; is composed very considerable of men who turned from the Prophet, Joseph Smith during his lifetime and who either through ignorance or wilfulness misrepresent the doctrines he taught and the truths for which he laid down his life. Joseph Smith Jun. himself, and his brothers being too young at the time of their father's death to know much about the principles he advocated.

The Lord our God, we all believe, is unchangable, he is the same yesterday, to day and for ever, so also are the principles he has revealed to His servants in every age of the world, and I can promise you as a servant of the Lord, that the same blessings will follow you as followed the ancient Saints in the lame <days> of Jesus, if you, with faith in God, turn from your sins and are baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission therof; for the same power, the same gifts, the same laws, the same priesthood are always to be found in the plan of salvation.

For further information regarding our doctrines I would respectfully refer you to Mr John Brown, 2006 North 14th Street St. Louis who has charge of our church organization in the Western States. He will be pleased to give you any information you desire, and can also inform you of any of our elders who may be traveling in your vicinity

Yours Respectfully.
Brigham Young