1868 October 29 Letter to Jacob M. Dawson


1868 October 29 Letter to Jacob M. Dawson


The gospel of Jesus Christ is the remedy for the evils afflicting mankind. When polygamy is practiced in its purity it exalts men and women in everything good and godlike. John Brown can provide information about the Church.




Brigham Young


Jacob M Dawson


1868 October 29


Decatur, Illinois

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Salt Lake City U.T.
29 Oct 1868

Mr. Jacob M. Dawson
Box 405, Decatur. Ills.

Dear Sir:

The present social state of the nations to which you refer in your letter of the 11th inst., is now causing many thinking minds to try to devise some remedy for the grevious evils in the social life of modern Christendom under which the world is now groaning. Many different systems are advocated to ameliorate the condition of woman, but they all fall far short of accomplishing their object, and all the devices of men will continue to do so, for the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed to the prophet Joseph Smith is the only perfect remedy for the many evils that now afflict mankind. Within its folds in every principle calculated to make men and women good and wise, and consequently happy. It calls into action all the best attributes of our natures, and places all in the position for which God called them into existence on this earth. Amongst the rest, the law of plurality of wives, if carried out in the purity in which it has been revealed by God in every age, His gospel has existed amongst men, will accomplish more towards purifying the world of its corruption, exalting men and women in everything good and godlike, than any system or code of morals ever devised by an uninspired lawgiver. Its fruits are peace, happiness health and long life. It is as opposite in its effects to the prostitution and degredation of woman as now exists amidst the world as the extremes of light and darkness or truth and error.

For the works published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I would respectfully refer you to Mr John Brown, 2006 North 14th Street, St Louis, who will be pleased to give you any information you need regarding our faith and doctrines, and could tell you of the whereabouts of any of our elders who may be in your vicinity

Yours Respectfully.
Brigham Young