1868 October 30 Letter to Brigham Young Jr.


1868 October 30 Letter to Brigham Young Jr.


Brigham questions if his teams need to go to the terminus. He offers some options on laboring through the winter on the railroad. If more supplies are needed they should be requested.




Brigham Young


Brigham Young Jr.


1868 October 30


Salt Lake City


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Salt Lake City, U.T.
30 Oct 1868

Elder Brigham Young Jr.

My dear Son,

If there are a sufficient number of teams already started to the terminus for corn, there will be no necessity for my teams continuing their journey. However if they are needed let them go on, but if possible it would be best to start them in company with a few other teams.

Tell John W. and George if Dr. Durant is perfectly willing for the work at the head of Echo to be left until next season, I think it will be best to do so and at once commence the work west of the mouth of Weber. That <all> is if you have not already made your arrangements to push the work along at the head of Echo. In this you must use your own judgement, as some of the men may get discouraged at the cold and stormy weather and be desirous of coming home and the work in the valley would be much more convenient for them during the winter season. And I think work we shall be able to finish that work before it is wanted and labor will not be in so great a demand next spring as at present.

The families are well, and Luna will be esconced inside of the walls where O.P. Arnold has been living, next Monday or Tuesday.

Say to Dr. Durant when you see him, if he has no tools at the terminus of the Railroad I would like to have him send for 200 Doz Railroad Picks Shovels, 100 Doz Picks and 40 Doz Wheel barrows. They must all be of the best quality, and we will fetch them from the terminus.

Peace be to you all. We ever pray for you.

Your father
Brigham Young