1868 October 31 Letter to E. L. Harrington


1868 October 31 Letter to E. L. Harrington


Those who are in debt to Brother Kelly should pay him or give him a security note so he can settle his affairs and go on his mission.




Brigham Young


E. L. Harrington


1868 October 31


Salt Lake City
American Fork


Financial Matters
Missionary Work


Salt Lake City
31 Oct 1868

Bishop E.L. Harrington
American Fork

Dear Bro.

I learn that Bro. Kelly of your ward has considerable difficulty in collecting the debts due to him by the people there. Those who owe bro Kelly, who cannot pay him at once, should give him their notes, with sufficient good security to enable him to make use of them in settling up his affairs, so that he will be able to go on his mission South and take his goods with him to help him when he gets there. If the brethren will not do this I should make it a matter of fellowship with them.

Your brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young