1868 November 3 Letter to S. B. Reed


1868 November 3 Letter to S. B. Reed


Brigham asks that Reed immediately place money to his credit to enable him time to convert it to currency and pay his subcontractors.




Brigham Young


S. B. Reed


1868 November 3


Salt Lake City
Echo City


Financial Matters


Salt Lake City, U.T.
Nov. 3. 1868
S.B. Reed Esq:
Echo city.

Dear Sir,-

As it takes considerable time to sell Exchange on New York and get it into currency, which is required by the subcontractors, and hands employed on my Railroad contract, I wish to suggest, in case you wish me to take any exchange on New York on the estimates for October, the propriety of placing a sum to my credit at once, to enable me to get it converted into currency in time to meet my payments. I have not been able till to day to dispose of the last of the exchange received for September, and if I am unable to give further exchange when it is called for by our merchants, they will go to the Banks for it, rendering it difficult for me to again get their patronage.

By so doing the Contractors U.P.R.R will incur no expense of shipment on such amount, nor any charge by me for the exchange.

Your immediate attention is desirable.
Respectfully Yours,

Brigham Young