1868 November 7 Letter to J. W. Cook


1868 November 7 Letter to J. W. Cook


Church publications are sent to Cook. Brigham testifies of the benefits of Plural Marriage.




Brigham Young


J. W. Cook


1868 November 7


Salt Lake City
Orizaba, Miss.

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Missionary Work
Plural Marriage


Salt Lake City. U.T.
7 November 1868.

J.W. Cook Esq. M.D.
Orizaba. Miss.


Your favor of the 15 ult is to hand. I have forwarded you by mail a copy of the Book of Mormon, and some pamphlets relative to the doctrines we believe in.

While others are preaching and discussing about the principle of plurality of wives, we are putting the same into practice and proving by its results that it is a heaven-revealed doctrine, full of benefits to men and women, who carried out in the purity in which God revealed it to the prophet Joseph Smith. We are demonstrating by actual practice all you propose to claim for it in your "work". Its fruits are peace, health and long life, while the children born by them who abide this law are robust in body, intelligent in mind, full of vital force and stamina; and in every respect far above the average children born in monogamic families. Nothing is easier to prove either by the word of God, or by the reason heaven has endowed us with, than the plurality of wives will benefit mankind morally, physically, and religiously; indeed in every way it will prove a blessing to those who practice it aright.

Wishing you well in your endeavor to disseminate true principle

I remain, Sir.
Yours Respectfully.

Brigham Young