1868 November 18 Letter to J. R. Murdock


1868 November 18 Letter to J. R. Murdock


With little evidence and while he was absent from the settlement, Isaac Riddle was convicted of stealing. This type of lawsuit must be avoided.




Brigham Young


J. R. Murdock


1868 November 18


Salt Lake City

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Legal Matters
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Salt Lake City U.T.
18 November 1868.

Bishop J.R. Murdock.

Dear Brother.

Bro Isaac Riddle of your ward has written me several letters in which he states he has been unjustly tried on the presentment of a grand jury and convicted of stealing a colt. As far as I can learn from his statements, and from what you have told me, he obtained the colt off the range believing it was his; he afterwards kept the colt, well known to the whole settlement for some years. No other person ever claimed it, but during his absence in this city, the grand jury indited him for stealing the animal for which he was tried and convicted. Now, unless the parties who brought up the charge can prove that the colt is the property of some one else, they must withdraw their accusition and stop their stories and br. Riddle having stolen a horse, or they will have to be looked after. It is time enough to brand a man as a thief when he is proved to be so, and the spirit of getting up lawsuits against well known men of good reputation on such flimsey evidence as what there appears to have been in this case, must be avoided and frowned down.

Please give this matter your attention, and see that justice is done in the case, and then let me know what you have done therein.

Your brother in the Gospel.
Brigham Young