1868 November 18 Letter to H. C. Jacobs


1868 November 18 Letter to H. C. Jacobs


Jacobs should seek the spirt to guide him in his labors. The Saints are working to become one in temporal things as they are in spiritual things.




Brigham Young


H. C. Jacobs


1868 November 18


Salt Lake City
Manchester, England

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Missionary Work


Salt Lake City. U.T.
18 November 1868.

Elder H.C. Jacobs.
26 Charles Street, Liverpool Street
Salford, Manchester, England.

Dear Brother.

Your letter of the 24 ult was safely received and read with pleasure. It always affords me great satisfaction to receive communications from the Elders expressive of their faith and good desires whilst laboring in the cause of truth in foreign lands.

I trust that the sentiments you express and the feelings you manifest in your letter will ever guide and influence you through your whole life. There is no higher pleasure to be enjoyed by a servant of God than to preach the Gospel to the nations who sit in darkness of unbelief, and it is a labor in which he can increase in knowledge and every other gift that will make him respected and beloved by his fellows.

Continue to labor faithfully, and with all your might in the field assigned by <to> you, seek unto the Lord in prayer day by day that you may have His spirit to guide you in all your counselings and teachings and you will gain influence all the time, with the saints for their good and salvation. Take this course and follow it faithfully and you will not want for anything whilst on your mission, and when you return home you will do so with a consience void of offence and possessed of a joy that will more than repay you for all your labors, and you will feel that you are acknowledged of the Lord and are a co-laborer with his prophets and servants in carrying out his mighty purposes.

I presume your mother and Zebulon keep you posted with regard to what transpires "at home". I will say, however, we are enjoying peace and plenty, beautiful weather, abundance of work for all willing to labor, and the prospect of plenty more for some time to come. The great majority of the people have with earnestness taken hold of the doctrines the leaders of Israel have been dealing out to them for many years, but more especially advocated at our last conference, and are striving to become one in temporal things as they are now one in spiritual things. This they must be before the purposes of God can be consumated and His kingdom established in its fullness upon the earth.

It is quite possible that you will see some of the boys in England before long, as I purpose sending some few of them on Missions next spring.

With love to yourself, and the saints under your watchcare, and praying the Lord to sustain, direct and comfort you in all your labors.

I remain, as ever, Your Brother in the Gospel.
Brigham Young