1868 November 23 Letter to Peter Maughan


1868 November 23 Letter to Peter Maughan


Ellerbeck settles an account and thanks Maughan for managing the flour business.




Brigham Young


Peter Maughan


1868 November 23


Salt Lake City
Logan, Utah


Salt Lake City U.T.
Nov 23. 1868.

Dear Bishop,

Your kind favor of 19th inst with the money, $174.26, duly came to hand. Bro Farrell wanted me to pay him $868.50; but I rather objected, saying we had paid Hess for his flour $174.20. Farrell replied, saying that you had got Hess' flour, besides the flour covering the $868.50; & on his saying that you would hold that flour for us, besides the balce on the 361 Sks, I consented to pay him accordingly. However, (altho' I do not exactly see how you can with strict propriety say that I "paid bro. Farrell by mistake,") -- as the money is returned, it makes the acct square and correct (when we get the remaining 17 sks) and I accordingly enclose the due bills given by you for the 2680 flour to D Hess. which please find enclosed.

With thanks for your kind attention and promptness in keeping this flour business straight, as you have done, I remain Very truly Your brother in the Gospel of Peace

T.W. Ellerbeck
Chf Clk for T. in T. & B. Young Sen.

Hon P. Maughan