1868 November 23 Letter to R. H. East


1868 November 23 Letter to R. H. East


The iron manufacturing has not been profitable in Utah. Gas works have not been tried long enough to know if it will be profitable. Utah citizens have formed a co-operative manufacturing company.




Brigham Young


R. H. East


1868 November 23


Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City. U.T.
23 November 1868.

R.H. East Esq.

Dear Sir

Your favor of the 14th inst lies before me. As far back as 1852, a company of experienced Iron workers was formed for the manufacture of that article at Cedar City in the southern part of this territory, but owing to the scarcity of suitable fuel in the neighborhood, expense of bringing it over mountain roads from a distance, combined with the peculiar richness and magnetic character of the ore, difficulties arose in fluxing the metal which the company were unable at that time to overcome and the scheme died out. Other attempts have since been made, but have not proved very successful; still iron, doubtless exists in many parts of the territory but I am not sure that coal or suitable timber for charcoal could be found near enough, the metal to work it with profit in this mountain country.

So far as regards gas works in this city, the plan is not sufficiently matured for me to say anything definitely about it.

Last summer, in view of the wants of the Territory, a number of our citizens formed a co-operative manufacturing company to build wagons, agricultural machinery &c in this city. Their agent is now east, and the association bids fair to accomplish the purpose for which it was organized.

From these circumstances you will perceive, that I cannot give you any great encouragement to move to this city in the hope of establishing Iron works with very great success.

Yours Respectfully
Brigham Young