1868 November 26 Letter to Samuel A. Smith


1868 November 26 Letter to Samuel A. Smith


Utah is a new country with many economic disadvantages. People move to Utah for religious freedom not for monetary gain.




Brigham Young


Samuel A. Smith


1868 November 26


Salt Lake City
Berkshire, Massachusetts


Business Matters


Salt Lake City. U.T.
26 November 1868.

Mr. Samuel A. Smith.
Lenox. Berkshire County. Mass.

Dear Sir:

Your favor of the 12th inst has come to hand and <been> perused with interest.

You ask respecting this country and the chances of profitably establishing a business in this City &c. 

Our country is new and like all other new countries has some disadvantages which we who are settled here soon get accustomed to and do not mind, they are however growing less as the recources of the country are opened up, and the facilities for intercourse increased. All persons however, who are persevering, industrious, and ecenomical soon do well, but where people are lacking in these points, Utah is what would probably be called a difficult country to get along in. Our religion and not to make money is what brought the most of the Latter-day Saints here. We came because in the states wherein we previously dwelt we were not allowed to enjoy the priveleges guaranteed to all American citizens. It was not Polygamy for that was not known to the world at that time, but our faith in God and in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the principle of present revelation from the heavens that was distastful to our neighbors, and they drove us from their midst. They burned our houses, destroyed our crops stole our cattle and murdered many of our brethren and sisters. We came here poor and friendless--save only the friendship of heaven, and amidst the isolated fastnesses of the Rocky mountains, we have striven to keep the laws of God. He has blessed us with the comforts of life while so doing, and we have prospered, and to day enjoy the blessings of peace and plenty. These valleys and mountains are dear to us because they have afforded us a shelter from the storm of persecution that so long and so relentlessly followed our footsteps. True to those who come here solely for the sake of making money the valleys have none of these charms, they can compare them unfavorably with the richer soils and more access able lands in other parts of the Union. Therefore we cannot give very great encouragement to those who come solely to get rich. we believe there are other places where men can accumulate wealth more rapidly, but to all those who come with a desire to serve the Lord and keep His commandments, believing that "all other things" shall be added unto them, we extend a cordial welcome and say "come along". Praying the Lord to bless you with a portion of His Holy Spirit that you may be guided unto all truth.

I remain, Yours very Respectfully
Brigham Young