1868 November 30 Letter to S. M. Osmond


1868 November 30 Letter to S. M. Osmond


A bell will be shipped to Osmond if he is authorized to receive it for the congregation for whom it was manufactured.




Brigham Young


S. M. Osmond


1868 November 30


Salt Lake City
Iowa City, Iowa



Salt Lake City. U.T.
30 November 1868

Rev. S.M. Osmond
Iowa City, Iowa.


Your favor of the 18th inst is before me. It is now several years since I first learned the history of the bell about which you write me and I at once caused Mr Asa Calkin, one of my clerks who resided at Iowa City at the time the occurance took place, and who was acquainted with all the circumstances relative thereto, to write to the Pastor and Deacons of the Church to which it belonged, telling them it was laying here, was no use to us and was subject to their order, and would be delivered to them on their meeting the expenses. Your letter is the first I have heard about the matter since that time. The bell is
still laying here idle, as it always has done, and it is at your disposal on the same conditions whenever you please to send for it, accompanied with sufficient evidence that you are authorized to receive it for the congregation for whom it was manufactured.

Yours Respectfully.
Brigham Young