1868 November 30 Letter to C. M. Samuel


1868 November 30 Letter to C. M. Samuel


Those indebted to Samuel are either dead or did not emigrate to Utah.




Brigham Young


C. M. Samuel


1868 November 30


Salt Lake City
St Louis

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Financial Matters

Salt Lake City
30 November 1868.

C.M. Samuel Esq.
Prest Commercial Bank of St Louis.

Dear Sir:

Your favor of the 20th inst is before me and until I received it I imagined that an answer had been sent to your former communication.

I have carefully looked over the notes and A/c's you sent me, but have not, as yet, been able to find the name of any persons who now resides in this Territory. In fact we have but very few of the old residents of Far West with us at this time by far the greater portion are dead, while a number of others never emigrated to this country but are scattered in Missouri. Illinois and other parts of the Union.

Should I discover any person who is in your debt to be a resident in these parts I shall take pleasure in presenting your claim to him; and until further advised shall hold your papers subject to your order, to be returned to you or be otherwise disposed of as you may desire

Respectfully Yours.
Brigham Young