1868 December 2 Letter to Albert Carrington


1868 December 2 Letter to Albert Carrington


A full statement is requested in order to verify the correctness of an account with George C. Wade. Financial drafts are included.




T. W. Ellerbeck


Albert Carrington


1868 December 2


Salt Lake City
Islington, Liverpool


Financial Matters

Salt Lake City, U.T.
Dec. 2. 1868

Elder A. Carrington
42 Islington, Lpool.

Dear Bro:-

Your kind favor of Oct. 28. was duly recd answering inquiries about Geo. C. Wade's acct. I would like however to have the Acct go back so as to include all the money that you say he first paid in Feb. last when he received his money,' and embrace the items "when he altered his arrangements & withdrew some of the deposit" as his acct is based on what he first paid you, and it seems as tho' he must have forgotten about withdrawing some of his money; hence I would like to have the Acct in full from the time above mentioned. Please be kind enough to forward said Acct immediately, as I wish to be able to convince him of the truth of our Acct. before I mention the matter to him again. In advising us of our Dfts settled, please dont say "since my last advice" as we do because you can tell whether our advice was duly received, as our Dfts on you are in regular numerical order, whereas you do not settle them in any regular order & we may miss an advice & not know it; but please say 'since mine of' (such a date') we have paid you such of your Dfts. We have drawn on you as follows:-- that is Prest. Young has drawn on you as follows:

1474 £17.17.0 Peter Nebeker
1483 £3 0 0 J.R. Lafleur & Son
1475 1.5.7 Mrs Jno Anderson 1484 45 14 2 Thomas Hughes
1476 5.5.7 Eliza Waterman 1485 7 2 10 Else Neilson
1477 3.10.0 Mrs Peter Martin 1486 5 0 0 James Peterson
1478 5.14 3 William Howes
1479 3.0 0 Christen C. Anderson
1480 3.11 4 N.B. Baldwin Jr
1481. 5 0 0 Jane Findlay
1482. 3.0 0 M. Birttinshaw

With kind regards, I remain
Your brother in the Gospel of Peace

T.W. Ellerbeck,
Chf Clk for Prest B Young