1868 November 4 Letter to J. W. Irons and J. Rees


1868 November 4 Letter to J. W. Irons and J. Rees


All available men are needed to work on the railroad.




Brigham Young


J. W. Irons and J. Rees


1868 November 4


Salt Lake City
Moroni, San Pete County


Building and Construction

Salt Lake City. U.T.
4 November 1868.

Brothers J.W. Irons and J. Rees
Moroni San Pete Co.

Dear Brother:-

Your note of 28 ult. is to hand. There is plenty of work on the Railroad ready for you to do, if not by the job, by the day. We want every man to come to work on the road, who possibly can do so, for as it must be evident to you, we have much at stake in building the road. If we do it, with our might, carry it through as we have agreed it will greatly increase our influence with the world, and augment our power to do good. On the other hand if we let temporary obstacles stand in our way, and permit them to deter us from doing our part in building the road, the whole country will be full of rumors of our having opposed the work and hindered its progress. I hope these considerations for the good of Israel will have weight with you to use your influence to gather as many men as you can to come to our help.

Praying the Lord to bless and prosper you.
I remain. Your brother in the Gospel.

Brigham Young